Name: Carly Forward

Age: 33

Sport: Mountain Biking

About You:

A thirty something with a passion for the outdoors. At my happiest when riding my bike, splashing about in the sea, hanging with my epic trail dog, baking, and enjoying post ride beers with my buds. A relative mtb dh and jump newbie who’s keen to progress. A twinshock MX newbie with an aim to compete in my first MX event in 2019!

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How long have you been in the sport for?

I have always ridden bikes but rarely out of my comfort zone but that all changed when I bought my first full suspension bike in October 2016 and have been hooked on downhill ever since. I have recently become addicted to trying to get two wheels off the ground – I’m learning to jump!

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

If I am still as stoked on riding and learning as I am now, that will be awesome!

Who inspires you?

Obviously I love watching the pros, especially female shredders, but the mates I ride with day to day are my biggest inspiration; they’re encouraging, supportive and make me laugh.

What has been your biggest achievement and biggest fail to date?

My biggest achievement has to be completing the Megavalanche race in 2017, I had only had a full suspension bike for 8 months before I raced, and it starts on the top of a glacier at 3330 meters high! Failure: Entering the same race again last year and crashing in the qualifying round!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into your sport?

Progress at your own rate, make sure you ride for fun and never feel that you aren’t good enough. If biking makes you smile, then you are getting it right!

What are your favourite and worst parts of the sport?

Favourite: The amazing people it brings into your life

Worst: Cleaning the bike


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