We are Kitvision

We were formed from a love of coast and countryside, a passion for life, and real adventures – whatever that means to you.

Check out our Kitvision video; it embodies our mission to inspire people to get out, have a go, and let the adventurer inside break free.

Our journey began with real people and it continues to be shaped by real people.

Live for every day, not just the weekends.

We’re just a fairly normal bunch who enjoy trying new things; jumping around in the sea with our children, wakeboarding at weekends, taking road trips to Cornwall, and entering tough mud-involved challenges.

Say yes, and know we’ll be right there with you!

Developed through experience

With the help of our ambassadors, and the real people who use our products, we continue to refine our products so we can keep up with every kind of adventure. Our wide range of accessories means you can give anything a go and never have to worry about being unprepared; so if you want to strap your camera to your board, bike, bag, or bonnet, you most certainly can.

Just say yes to finding adventure!

Our Mission

At Kitvision our mission is to inspire real people to say yes. To getting out there, having a go, and letting that adventurer inside you break free. To try the things you’ve always wanted to try, experience the new, embrace the past, and say yes to facing fears – big and small.

So whatever your adventure may be; whether it’s learning to ride a bike, finally conquering Mount Snowdon, venturing abroad on your first family holiday or having the nerve to face a black run.

Your adventure is in the doing, as well as in the reliving of those moments; in the smooth runs, the proudest moments, the stacks, the epic fails and the funny faces, in the memories you share and the stories you tell for years to come.

Adventure is for all, so just say yes.


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