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At Home Adventures

At Home Adventures

24 Apr / Kitvision

Working from home doesn’t mean your adventures have to stop.They just won’t be as outdoorsy. Here’s some great ideas to keep your mind and your body moving, so you don’t spend the next few weeks climbing the walls. We wouldn’t recommend that of course, might be tricky. Unless you’re the ...

Your race was cancelled

Your race was cancelled

25 Mar / Kitvision

There is something at the moment on the news and around the world that we can’t escape at that of course is the Coronavirus. This virus has caused chaos around the world, with countries struggling to control this and some countries even gone into a lockdown. Many of events so far have been ...

The pilgrim bandits’ expedition across arctic waters

The pilgrim bandits expedition in Blueland

14 Mar / Kitvision

The Pilgrim Bandits charity exists to ‘help and inspire wounded soldiers to live life to the full’ and their mantra ‘Always a Little Further’ is at the heart of their ethos and it says it all.Formed in 2007 by Special Forces veterans, they aim to use their experience to help equip injured ...