At Home Adventures

At Home Adventures

24th Apr 2020

Lockdown Adventures with Kitvison

Working from home doesn’t mean your adventures have to stop.They just won’t be as outdoorsy. Here’s some great ideas to keep your mind and your body moving, so you don’t spend the next few weeks climbing the walls. We wouldn’t recommend that of course, might be tricky. Unless you’re the sort of person that has a climbing wall in their back garden, in which case go nuts!

Building a giant fort

Who needs plans? Just grab the pillows and blankets out of the cupboard and get cracking.

We would recommend using a clothes horse or airer for the walls, and using the biggest duvets for the main roof is a must. If you get stuck, there’s actually a worrying number of “how to” videos for building forts on YouTube. And If you do a really good job, you might even be able to spend the night in it. After the kids have gone to bed of course.

At Home Adventures

Some form of exercise

Keeping fit when in lockdown is always challenge, especially when it’s just so much easier to eat all the food that’s built up in your cupboards.

Let’s not also forget mindfulness. This is a tough time and mental wellbeing is important to maintain as well as your body, so don’t underestimate how good yoga can be for you.

Lacking motivation? Athletes all around the world are sending out videos of their home-workout ideas, so there’s plenty of inspiration online.

You could even create an indoor assault course. Just make sure the “stair-ski-slope” doesn’t end in injury. The hospitals could do without the extra numbers.

At Home Adventures

Planting from food scraps

You would be surprised how many food scraps can be replanted to grow your own. Lettuce, potatoes, garlic, ginger, sweet potato, onions, mushrooms, peppers, pineapple, the list is endless.

Stuck? This is where a call to an older relative might come in handy. They will undoubtedly enjoy combining advice with a lecture about how you don’t know how hard it used to be.

P.S. This was going to be a how to build a space rocket out of loo rolls idea. But then we realised toilet paper was 2020’s version of the gold rush, and thought you had better hang on to it.